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I have seen Wonder Woman and all is right with the world

Short: It was excellent, everything we want out of a female superhero movie. Not perfect but close enough I couldn't name any bad parts.

Longer and spoilery: I saw two things coming that flavoured the rest of the experience: Steve's death and that Sir Patrick was Ares. Steve, well, obviously he's dead by the flashforward, but even if Diana's sad face hadn't given it away, movies like this don't have the love interest live if theres no guaranteed sequal. Didn't make me cry any less when it happened :(  (headcanon: ejector seats were invented a decade early / the super-plane had a prototype.) Ares, well, there were just enough hints. 

BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. And I can't. I can't put into words why except this is the movie we want for feminism, this is a movie I'd love even in an alternate world were total equality is the norm and has been as long as we all can remember. It's badass, it's cute and sweet, it's heavy about serious subjects, it has comic relief, it has romance. Oh the romance. And the heartache but I don't want to think about that. I've already dived headfirst into the AU fanfic. 

(I lie, there was one bad thing: The butchering of Greek mythology and the whole godkiller thing. I don't know how much of it was straight out of the comics but I shuddered listening to Hippolyta's story. But fine, fine, no one's out to please the classics majors.) Also, 90% of the Amazons on Themyscira are definitely lesbians. 12 volumes on why men are useless for pleasure my ass. Headcanon that Diana had several lovers there (I hate the virgin trope, especially for this movie). 

Steve is awesome. He's exactly what we want out of the male love interest in this movie; he holds his own, he's his own character, he has his talents/skillset that none of the others do, but he in no way ever competes with Diana. He says "I can't let you do that" when she's about to endanger armistice and that's it, and even then it's the same way you'd say it to another guy. Plus he has a nude scene and it's made of giggles. And hot. Damn. 

Diana is so far beyond awesome I'm out of words.

FOR FUCK'S SAKE EVERYONE GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW AND SMASH THE BOX OFFICE TILL WE GET ALL THE SEQUALS! I want a WW2 sequal, a Cold War sequal, one for just about every conflict since WW1. And maybe every other decade too because she's immortal, why not? Franchise!