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SPN s12 finale

Fuck it, this is why I write fixits.

Quick reactions:

The teased death (did they specify it'd be a woman?) leading to debate over if it'd be Jody or Mary already had everyone angry. I'm glad it wasn't Jody. Glad it wasn't Mary, though there was a way to do that one that wouldn't have been awful. Rowena was a left-field choice but doing it offscreen was cheap. Ruth Connell could've done us a spectacular death scene and she deserved it. Not that I like gratuitous killing of women on screen either.

Except Hess. Bitch deserved it.

Where the fuck did Sam's whole 'not a leader' complex come from? he penultimate ep would've been a great end to that arc if, you know, it hadn't started five minutes earlier.

Dean finding Mary in her head was beautifully done. Really. Want more.


Wish we'd seen Claire but at least there was Alex and mention of Donna and really, Wayward Daughters is the best hope for this show 'verse now.

Sulking that we didn't see Garth again but at least he's alive and not forgotten. Course that just makes it that much more likely he'll get a needless death in s13. This show has sucked all the faith out of us.

I'm not nearly so mad about Kelly and baby Jack (lol) as other people seem to be. Jack kid's got potential to be an interesting season 13.

Mark as Lucifer was awesome as usual.

"You big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel." I laughed so hard, it was so <i>sweet</i>.

Honestly really pleased with Crowley's exit. Of all the ways to go and all the deaths in the last few years, this was a good one. Really. That it almost got made redundant pisses me off. Wasn't Cas IN on the goddamn plan? Or Mary? wtf?


the fuck this alternate Earth? Oz is easier to believe in. Granted, great to see some tangible proof that the boys have saved the world and it'd have been great catharsis for Mary, but the second they got there I called 'next season'. So obvious someone was going to get stuck there.

But if they get there to find Lucifer smushed Mary, we riot. He'll probably be keeping her as a prisoner to taunt them on and off all season, since the showrunners can't be bothered making her a principal character.

("What, like Narnia?" <3)

They probably thought we'd love to see Bobby again but no, fools, this isn't our Bobby. You're missing the point. Same face and name =/= same beloved character. Ditto for one of the two likely ass-saves that could be pulled for this finale's most major blunder i.e. having alternate!Cas become the new norm a la H R Wells in Flash. No. (Harry Wells, yes, except Cas wasn't an imposter murderer no one liked to begin with.)

Now that we're done with the preliminaries...

YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCKING GET AWAY WITH KILLING CAS? No. Noooooo. DID YOU SEE DEAN'S FACE YOU ASSWIPES? He was WAITING FOR CHUCK TO FIX THIS. And NO NO NO NO NO. You'll probably have the nephilim cheaply ressurect him in 13x01 but the rage over this lasts forever. Like. NO.

Up side, it's fired up my writing brain. Saving People, here I come. Guess what? Next chapter was going to start with Cas' POV. I'm SO READY to write it now.

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Yeah, I think the main thing that made Harry as Eobard's replacement work so well is because Eobard was such an awful person -- fascinating as a villain, yes, but not particularly likable, so it was easy for Harry to move into the slot in the show that Eobard used to occupy. Whereas HR replacing Harry went down more like that sort of character-replacement scenario tends to go, where the departing character was well-loved and the replacement is always going to be compared to them and found inadequate. Even if they'd be just fine on their own, they are Not Our Fave and most of their scenes just make you think about how much more fun it would be if the Other Fave was back instead.

Anyway, it's fandom, so Fixits R Us.

... la la la, off to plot more fixit scenarios for Guardians of the Galaxy now. XD