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Because of Supergirl I tried the Flash, which I really like, and season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow, which was okay, and I might watch season 2. Now I'm giving Arrow a try, having seen bits of it in the crossovers. It's too dark and angsty for my taste, and honestly I'd have clocked out already if not for the promise of Felicity Smoak.

But what gets me? The cheesy as voiceovers. The opening narration is bad enough, but when he narrates mid-episode because there's no character to dialouge at? He sounds like an emo teenager writing his first novel and I'm torn between laughing at the screen and literally headdesking.
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Honestly I find Oliver an absolute delight when he's having to interact with people like Barry or Kara (Barry making Ollie hug him will never stop being wonderful) ... and a complete emo bore on his own show. XD It's so sad. I think I would probably like Arrow better if I watched enough of it to get more invested in all the relationships, but I just can't get into it -- the cheesy ridiculousness of the arrows and ninjas combined with the super-serious grimdark tone and Oliver killing and torturing people is just SUCH a weird mix of narrative flavors. It's like kale flavored popcorn or something.