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yalumesse ([personal profile] yalumesse) wrote2017-02-17 06:52 pm

SPN 12x12

THAT WAS THE BEST EP IN AGES. When the credits rolled I literally punched the air going "Yes! YES!"

The Castiel love, OMG. I teared up, he broke my heart with that family speech, and everything, just everything about Dean's face looking at Cas was everything Destiel I could have ever wished for and and MARY "one of my boys", she's completely adopted him. LOVE.

Backstory! Princes of Hell, first-turned demons, finally some kind of (semi-)coherent explaination for the rainbow of demon eyes. Micheal's lance! That's a Chekhov's gun if I ever saw one, cannot wait to see how it gets used later. Not to mention the other princes / prince and princess. Wonder how the hell those names are spelled... superwiki will have it up soon, I'm sure.

The jumpy storytelling plot took me maybe ten minutes to get used to and it was weird until I realised it was Mary narrating. Her bedtime stories must have been mind boggling. Went all over the place. But it definitely worked.

And Crowley: so many lies to everyone, self included, but he totally loves he boys and Cas in particular. Loved seeing the blank filled in of how he got the throne.

And the ENDING. I thought it was Micheal for a second and honestly I really wanted it to be - Micheal in Adam's body, but that would have been too much to ask. But we got the real Lucifer back! MARK! WE MISSED YOU! The President Jeff Lucifer was good but, just, not Mark.

And THE COLT IS BACK I WAS GOING NUTS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO IT. Ohhh, I still have time to work that into Saving People, I'm so doing that.

When's the last time I squeed over an ep like this? Probably the last time I frantically wrote a post about it, which was... too far back in my journal history to be stuffed trying to find. GO SPN YOU ARE DOING WELL. :D

Edit: Did NOT realise this is the one Richard Speight directed! WELL DONE MAN.