yalumesse: (Tara)
yalumesse ([personal profile] yalumesse) wrote2017-01-01 02:33 pm

Leaving LJ

It's time to admit that I'm just not using LJ anymore. (Is anyone even reading this? I have no idea.)

I still have:
  • a Dreamwidth account that I may or may not use depending on activity level over there, and which I'll be importing this journal to soon

  • a tumblr, but I use it for reblogging, not conversation

  • a fic sideblog on tumblr, which is best if you only want fic updates and don't have an account to subscribe to my:

  • an AO3 account, where you can find all my fic

and you're welcome to follow me on any of them :)

See ya, LJ. It's been fun.