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Thursday, May 26th, 2016 10:34 pm
I loved it and I am terribly disappointed by it.

On the one hand, it couldn't be more obvious that the British MoL Lady was a cut-and-paste insert B-plot written as a hook when they realised they'd get another season. Without that, the story would have been BEAUTIFUL. I mean, Mary isn't a good enough sequal hook for you? MARY? wtf.

If Mary is a principal character next season, I will be SO HAPPY. But I have my doubts. In terms of story, sure, but if they don't budget in Cas as a principal character, what are the chances that Mary gets to be there that much or that long? With the whole Sam-shooting thing and the hanging threat of reapers won't let them back, I have a horrible suspicion that Mary will swap her life for Sam's very very soon. And that just makes me angry. I hope I'm wrong.

But - MARY! OMG :D :D :D :D :D I CANNOT WAIT to see Mary and her boys and all the awkward affection mixed with strangenes mixed with don't-really-know-each other and everything. Dean will be trying to hide how much he drinks. Sam will be adorkable awkward and afraid of disappointing her. And it'll be beautifully heart-wrenching AND heartwarming :D

And this ep - Dean's honest deathbed confessions (chick flicks!) and FINALLY (fricking FINALLY) telling Cas how much he means to him - my heart MELTED. I am grinning so big just thinking about it.

And Amara and Chuck - it could have gone either way, but I'm glad they went the reconciliation route instead of the mutual annihilation-leads-to-godless-world route. It's about time there was some kind of happy ending in this show.


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